Born to be Wild: Eco-Friendly Organic Material Motorcycle

As far as motorcycle designs go, this is probably one of the most unusual out there. Not just because of its crazy green and yellow color scheme or multiple headlamps, but because its creator, Michael V. Smolyanov, claims that it is made entirely of “organic substances.”

There’s not much information available on the bike or just what those “organic substances” might be, but the shape of the bike alone makes it worth a closer look. Its flowing, fluid shape – coupled, of course, with the unusual paint job – makes it seem almost like a plant somehow crossbred with an insect.

The motorcycle is called the M-Org, and so far it’s just a model. If it ever makes it into production, hopefully Smolyanov makes sure that it runs on electricity to round out its “natural,” eco-friendly profile.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. July, 2010.