‘Bolt’ Board: The World’s Most Portable Electric Vehicle

bolt in subway station

Solving the ‘last mile’ problem for daily commutes and short urban trips, the Bolt skateboard boasts a combination of features as well as its status as the world’s smallest, lightest and easiest-to-carry electric vehicle.

bolt skateboard

bolt on backpack

From the designers: “Walking is too slow and time consuming. Most of the time taking the car is cumbersome  and useless because you need to find space for parking. The bicycle must always be locked and made safe otherwise can be stolen. Even if you use  public transport, you still need a last mile solution small enough to be carried with you everywhere.”

bolt diagram

bolt as charger

With speeds up to 13 miles per hour, it may not compete with a car but is comparable to a bike while being a lot less bulky and something you don’t need to lock up between uses. At 24 by 10 inches (4 thick), it is small enough to fit onto the back of a pack. As a bonus, you can use the board’s charge to power your mobile electronic devices as needed, too.

bolt features

bolt in motion

bolt board in use

More on its origin from its maker, a robotic engineering student named Lorenzo Cella: “Every day I take the train to go to university. From home I have to walk to the station, take the train and once there I have to walk to class. I have to do the reverse path back home every noon. I’ve counted that I spend 1 hour and 30 minutes walking everyday, 7km (4.5 miles) . I noticed that covering this distance by foot every day, in addition to waste my time, makes me get home tired and with little desire to do anything else.”

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. April, 2015.