Bizarre Car Mash-Up: Giant Motorized VW Red Wagon

Remember the unadulterated joy of climbing into your red Radio Flyer wagon at the top of a hill, giving yourself a push, and feeling like you were flying all the way up until the moment that you realized you had no brakes and you were headed right toward a thistle patch? Possibly-crazy auto enthusiast Toby Hall has taken the danger (and subsequent pain) out of the little red wagon experience by building a big red wagon on a Volkswagen chassis.

Toby got his inspiration from an episode of the 90s sitcom Home Improvement: in one episode, Tim Taylor brings home a motorized Radio Flyer. As soon as Toby saw that scene, he knew what would be keeping him busy from that moment on. He set to work building his awesome version of a kids toy with a decidedly grown-up spin.

The finished product features a 1641cc flat-four and a Renault 5 turbo for maximum power. The bomber seats and exposed engine play up the sportiness of this bizarre vehicle. The playfulness of the body isn’t just about looks, though: it can be pulled either with a car or by hand when the handle is flipped down. And hopefully it’s got a great set of brakes.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. September, 2010.