50-Foot Flamethrower: Real Portable Fire Shooter for Sale

flame thrower xmatter llc

Available for purchase in 48 states, this personal portable flamethrower straps to your back and lets you shoot fire dozens of feet in the air with an easy-to-buy mixture of diesel and gasoline. It may all be a littleĀ too convenient.

With a $1,600 price tag, it might seem expensive or cheap depending on your perspective (and how much you want to become a flame-throwing superhero or villain).

Developed by XMatter, the X15 chews through a few gallons a minute, so you may want to consider fuel costs as well before buying one, but the company also supplies bulk napalm packs to keep you topped off.

Apparently the device is relatively unregulated in most states and requires a permit in others. It sort of sounds like fun abstractly, or in the hands of a Burning Man artists or art car, but in practical reality, someone is probably going to get burned. Still, if you really want to go wild, you can duel-wield as well, like the individual in the video above.

Or for even cheaper flame-throwing fun, consider this wrist-mounted device that shoots fireballs right from your hand, retailing at less than $200- a sort of real-life X-Men scenario where you become Pyro, except you won’t be immune to your own flames, so buyer beware!

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