18-Year-Old Builds DIY Submarine from Drainpipe for $1K

diy sub home made

This small, single-seat submarine can dive to a depth of 30 feet, but the best part: its creation cost just a thousand dollars, and its inventor, Justin Beckerman, built it while still in high school – design to build: 6 months.

diy sub floating landing

Should you want to build your own do-it-yourself equivalent, you will need a drainpipe, white ballast tanks, regulators and valves (obtainable from an old soda machine) and three battery systems

diy submarine cockpit

For fun, like this inventor has, you can add a horn, radio and ultra-bright strobe lights – it gets dark quickly as you get past a dozen or so feet down. It turns out you can get the job done for around a thousand dollars, just be sure to use lots of marine-grade waterproof glue to keep things air-tight.

diy sub in water

A New Jersey native, Beckerman is not new to the realm of investing, having developed a car-cleaning device at age 12 and a video-watching helmet at age 14. He has also built various geeky art projects out of old pieces of technology along the way, scraps not put to more practical purposes, like, say, a submarine. Needless to say, the young inventor plans on majoring in engineering in college.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. April, 2015.