Workout Keyboard: Exercises the Body, Writes Punchy Lines

workout keyboard

We’ve all had days when we feel like punching our computers, but until now no one has done anything to make that compulsion useful. Fashion and design studio Bless created the N°41 Workout Computer as part of their larger Retroperspective Home project.

bless studio punching bag keyboard

punching bag keyboard concept

The computer consists of a monitor and a range of punching bags that function as the keyboard. Typing becomes a full-body sport as you kick, punch, and step to form every word.

punching bag keyboard

keyboard made of punching bags

The designers considered it an outdated concept that we have separate periods of the day for work and play. They wanted to experiment with the idea that work and fitness can be combined.

By combining the functions of work and play, the Workout Computer can keep the brain stimulated and the body strong. If we had to hunt and peck for every letter and then throw a punch to enter it, the emails we send would be a whole lot more succinct.

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. November, 2014.