Future Mercedes SUV Could Be Powered By its Own Paint

suv with power generating paint

Alternative energy sources are becoming more amazing every year, and Mercedes Benz has just revealed a surprising new power boost for its future generations of vehicles: paint. The high-tech “multi-voltaic silver” paint uses two methods to generate power. First, it acts as an all-over solar panel to capture the power of the sun that’s almost always hitting your car.

mercedes vision g-code suv

Second, the paint harnesses the wind moving across the body of the car. The movement of the wind creates power through electrostatic charging. The car is powered by more conventional methods, as well. It features an internal combustion engine that powers the front wheels while the rear wheels boast an electric engine.

mercedes benz eco friendly car with power generating paint

The Mercedes Benz Vision G-Code SUV is purely a concept – an exploration of the types of power that will power tomorrow’s vehicles. As if the high-tech paint weren’t fascinating enough, the G-Code is also designed with two electric scooters included in the back compartment so you can scoot that last mile or two to your destination instead of circling for 20 minutes looking for a parking spot.

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See more in Energy & Power or under Science. November, 2014.