Wood You Believe It? Wooden iPod Speakers + Alarm Clock

ipod wooden speakers from evergreen classic look

These might be the classiest iPod speakers we’ve ever seen. They’re actually iPod speakers with an alarm clock built in, but unlike the typical cheap-sounding plastic cases, these are made of real wood. The speakers, made by Evergreen, come in two configurations: the classic two-speaker set and (our favorite) the one-piece block of wood with a speaker at each end. They’d look very cool in a minimalist bedroom where the garish plastic iPod alarm clocks just wouldn’t work.

evergreen speakers wooden ipod speakers

The time is displayed on the front and appears to float up through the wood, just like those minimalist wood block clocks. And like the blocky clocks, these speakers feature LEDs under a thin veneer that lets the light shine through. Overall, the speakers are beyond attractive, and you can plug your iPod into them via a 3.5mm input. They do seem like a throwback to another era, with their wood grain and retro-modern clunkiness, but there’s something kind of irresistible about iPod speakers that don’t look like they could be snapped in half with one hand. You can get them for 4,900 Yen (or around $54 currently).

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. November, 2009.