What Would a Human Conceived + Born in Space Look Like?

babies born in space

It’s hard enough to grow up on Earth, what with the social development, the awkward teen years and then trying to figure out what being a grownup really means. But the sciencey minds at VSauce took a very careful look at what it means to be an Earth-bound human…and what it would be like to be born outside the confines of our home planet. Namely, in outer space.

The long but very entertaining video goes into the specifics of how difficult it would be to conceive in space, the problems a human body would have developing in outer space, and (somewhat creepily) what a space child might look like. Radiation, isolation, decreased bone mass and an increased chance of dementia later in life are just some of the woes that await kids conceived and born in that vast area outside of our home planet.

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See more in Science Fiction or under Science. July, 2013.