Welcome to the World of Tomorrow: Smart House Prototype

connected smart home

Visions of futuristic homes have been swirling in our collective minds since the dawn of the industrial revolution, and technology has finally caught up to our fanciful notions. Openarch is a working prototype of a super high-tech smart home with a functional digital layer.

weather app

Openarch functions on a platform the designers call Domestic Operating System, or D. OS. The system includes utilities that allow residents to control the home’s functions with simple gestures, easily keep track of the weather or the home’s energy consumption, and stay connected to friends and family.

wallpaper mode

The super-smart home has surprising features like apps that allow you to change the look of an entire room. Your living room can go from boring to the center of Times Square in an instant.

tetris game app

The walls and floors of each room can become huge gaming surfaces, letting you play Tetris while you wait for your toast or enjoying a first-person shooter game in an immersive environment.

alarm clock and skype

Just like the very first smart house ideas predicted, Openarch enables residents to use their home itself to complete daily tasks. An alarm clock app wakes you up without the need for an actual alarm clock, and the walls become massive touchscreens that let you carry out all of your online business wherever you are in the house.

nfc and rfid controls

The home is plenty capable on its own, but the things inside of it are just as impressive. Music collections can be accessed with a few quick taps, coffee pots turned off or on with a gesture, and household data can be monitored or controlled simply by moving a cell phone closer or further away.

openarch smart house

Is the house of the future one that will make life easier, or will it only serve to stress us out? How will we handle being constantly connected and surrounded by data every second of our lives? We predict that some will embrace the technology wholeheartedly while others will rebel against the technological revolution and happily remain in their non-connected homes.

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. March, 2013.