French Public Transport Plan Yields Bicycle + Scooter Hybrid

pibal scooter bike

Bikes are certainly the most popular kind of people-powered vehicle to get around urban environments, but scooters have their place as well – and this very cool hybrid combines them both. The bike/scooter combo is called Pibal, which means “baby eel.”

philippe starck peugeot pibal

Famed designer Philippe Starck worked with car manufacturer Peugeot to come up with a bike for the city of Bordeaux’s public bike scheme. The Pibal can be ridden just like a normal bike, but when you need a change of pace or have to get through a pedestrian area, you can just stand up on the platform with one foot and push along with the other.

hybrid bike scooter

The Pibal allows riders to carry a load of groceries on the front or back. Your child can even stand on the platform while you push the bike along, making the end of a shopping trip fun and simple rather than stressful and tiring.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. March, 2013.