Watch This Space: Orbit-Inspired Wristlet Keeps Stylish Time

Watches that look more like jewelry than timepieces are always interesting, and the ORB concept watch by Djordje Zivanovic is no exception. Rather than a traditional band and face setup, the ORB looks like a plastic bangle with colored lines. A closer look reveals that the lines are actually measurements of time.

The three lines represent hours, minutes and seconds. The seconds line is always moving, with the other lines obviously moving a bit slower. The effect is stunning and vibrant: a perpetually changing piece of jewelry. The moving lines were inspired by the orbit of planets, and indeed the solid-color lines are reminiscent of scientific drawings of planetary motion.

According to the designer, the watch has a touch face to allow for simple time adjustments. You just drag the lines with your finger to where they need to be. Although just a concept at this stage, this is definitely one bracelet watch we could imagine adorning the wrists of fashion-conscious technophiles.

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See more in Clocks & Watches or under Gadgets. October, 2010.