Umbrella Sheds Tail Like a Lizard to Prevent Public Thievery

lizard umbrella with removable handle

No, that umbrella container by the door of your favorite coffee shop is not a ‘free – take one’ kind of thing. The designers of the Lizard Umbrella really want you to know this. They’ve designed an umbrella that employs lock and key technology to prevent wanton umbrella theft.

lizard umbrella

The Lizard Umbrella’s handle detaches from the rest of the unit. Its oval shape is like a carabiner clip and easily attaches to your backpack or, for the trend-inclined, your belt loop. It was designed to be functional as well as attractive.

removable handle umbrella

At the heart of the Lizard Umbrella’s design is its bare stem, which has carved-out notches that fit only each individual handle like a key fits its lock. It is named for lizards that shed their tales in defense of potential predators…or thieves. “Lizard Umbrella is just for you,” explain the designers – comforting words for our rainy city-dwelling friends.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. June, 2013.