Taking Your Vitamins Will Soon Make You a Living Password

vitamin authentication pill

Taking your vitamins just got a little more serious. Motorola has unveiled their “vitamin authentication tablet” in an attempt to take online security to the next level. The tablet was introduced at the D11 Conference in May 2013. Regina Dugan, Motorola’s senior vice president for advanced technology and products, told Wired UK that this innovation is her “first super power.”

motorola proteus password vitamin

“After 40 years of advances in computation, we’re still authenticating basically the same way we did years ago,” she says. The tablet, which has been approved by the FDA, is triggered by stomach acids to put out an 18-bit ECG-like signal, turning your body into a living, breathing password.

swallowable authentication pill

Although Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside says it won’t be shipping anytime soon, smart pills have been used previously to alert patients when to take their medication and to give doctors information straight from your body. Does this tablet remind anyone else of this scene?

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