Triple Threat: Military UAV is Helicopter, Truck + Boat

black knight transformer

When it comes to mind-blowing vehicles, the military (and military-funded development) seems to be at the top of the field. This hulking beast is half truck, half helicopter, and it’s meant to give the military an upper hand in hostile environments. The Black Knight Transformer from aerospace company Advanced Tactics, Inc. is able to fly like a helicopter, drive like a truck, and – with a little tinkering – navigate water like a boat. In the video below, the Black Knight Transformer goes on its first test flight. It only hovers 10 feet above the ground for a short time, but in the field it will be able to fly quite a bit higher while carrying payloads of up to 4000 pounds.

The UAV turns into a heavy-duty truck when on the ground; its propellers fold up and the truck can handle rough terrain. The vehicle is modular and scalable to make it useful in a large variety of situations. The drive train is removable so that the Transformer can be fitted with a boat hull, making into a tough amphibious vehicle. The autonomous transport machine will be able to go into dangerous and remote locations to deliver supplies or recover injured soldiers. And, let’s be honest – a boat/truck/helicopter is just really freaking cool.

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See more in Cars & Trucks or under Transportation. May, 2014.