Transforming Laptop Case Lets You Take it All With You

One of the most fiddly, hard-to-resolve problems about working on a laptop is finding a suitable workstation when you’re away from home. But why have a portable computer unless you’re going to take it out into the world with you? This concept would let laptop owners take their work and a totally portable workstation on the go with minimal amounts of fussiness and no hunting for a free table.

The Openaire laptop case/workstation combines a laptop case, a legless chair and a desk into an easy-carry package. Designed by Beau and Nick Trincia, the Openaire lets the modern nomad work anywhere. The legless chair keeps your jeans from getting wet or dirty while the small desk elevates your laptop and keeps it cool as you work.

The case is multi-layered, with the chair nesting on the outside of the case, so you can choose whether you want to take the whole setup with you or just the carrying case/work desk. Sure, using this work station in the park might earn you a few double-takes and maybe a giggle or two, but it sure beats sitting on the cold, hard ground – or even worse, working inside all day every day.

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See more in Industrial Design or under Technology. March, 2011.