Tiny Cars Project: Mirroring Turns Parked Vehicles Surreal

parked car art

Looking at once visually plausible and conceptually impossible, the hacked automobiles in this art project visual expectations to make slightly-altered realities that boggle the brain.

car art series

car mirrored instagram layouts

car art reality

surreal city landscape

surreal built environment

José Quintela of Lisbon is a writer by trade but has been using Instagram’s layout application to collect and modify all shapes, sizes, makes and models of parked cars.

surreal walls windows doors

surreal monowheel car

surreal car art

car artworks

car photos

The vehicles themselves are so attention-grabbing, it takes a moment to notice the effect spills behind the borders of the bright cars themselves and into the surrounding built environment, subtly reshaping windows, walls and doors in likewise-improbable and humorous ways.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. December, 2016.