Mac Fan Art Turns Classic Apple Computer into a Micro-City

inside apple print

Ever since it launched in 1984, the 128K Apple Macintosh has been a classic staple of computer history, introduce the public to an amazing new graphic interface, mouse and other fresh features.

apple front view

apple mac art

Compact by the standards of the time, it felt like a universe of power was packed inside the small shell, and this detailed illustration brings that idea to life in a quite literal way.

apple world close up

apple jobs statue

This homage by Dorothy is a three-color litho print cutaway that imagines entire worlds unfolding inside the shell of this vintage computer, with various hints and allusions to Apple and its founder, Steve Jobs.

apple combat zone

apple disc drive

apple mouse ops

From the creators: “Dorothy‚Äôs new cutaway print imagines the internal going-ons inside the original Apple Macintosh. Look closely at our miniature world and the tiny people that work in it and discover what they get up to when no one is watching. Find the many references to Apple (and popular culture) woven into the illustration.”

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See more in Art of Tech or under Technology. December, 2016.