Time Warp Accessories: Wearable Portable Vinyl Players

vinyl record players portable

Everything old is new again. Haven’t old people been saying that for decades? We’re seeing increasing numbers of people carrying around Discmans and Walkmans for their retro kitsch value. Designers Rocket & Wine are playing on our weird obsession with obsolete technology with their Rawman 3000 concept.

portable wearable record players

portable vinyl players

Given the resurgence of portable CD and cassette players, Rocket & Wine designed three sizes of portable vinyl players. The 7″, 10″, and 12″ models are meant to be carried around so you can enjoy the rich, deep sounds of vinyl while you strut down the street. Along, we assume, with all of the skips and scratches that come with moving a record player around while it’s playing.

rawman 3000

rawman 3000

The Rawman, if it were in fact a real product, would come with stereo headphones, a USB port, Smartcard, an antenna to enable Bluetooth connection, and a carrying strap. When it’s not being carried around, making you look like the hipsterest hipster ever, it could be plugged into home speakers for a “big, rich sound, that […] only can be compared to a very elaborate and expensive component stereo record player system.”

portable wearable vinyl players

rocket and wink portable record players

Although the product is a spoof and will most likely never see production, we can absolutely see someone trying to make this happen. After all, if people are enamored with the inferior sound quality and breakage-prone qualities of the cassette, why not strap on a record player to go for a jog?

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