Thought-Controlled Ears Give Away Your Innermost Feelings

When facial expressions and body language just aren’t enough to convey how you are feeling, why not make yourself a bit more animalistic? A pair of mind-controlled cat ears could help you express yourself in a rather unusual way. The ears, developed by a company called Neurowear, are attached to a simple headband. When your brainwaves indicate that you are intently focused on something, the ears stand straight up. When you are more relaxed, the ears lie down.

Besides being totally adorable, the ears could lead the way for future technology that allows people with severe health problems to communicate. This type of gadget could be especially useful for those whose health problems make them unable to communicate. But let’s not kid ourselves: the real draw of cybernetic cat ears is the promise of wowing all of your friends at the next UberGeekCon.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. May, 2011.