The Super ABCs: Alphabet Letters Recast as Superheroes

Countless alphabet charts have been created to either amuse people or actually teach the alphabet. This one is pure entertainment with plenty of geek value thrown in. It’s from artist Fabian Gonzales, and it recasts our favorite superheroes – and some lesser-known ones – as characters of the alphabet.

Some of them are immediately recognizable (Batman for B, Flash for F, Wolverine for W) but many are less so. In addition to teaching your favorite geekling the alphabet, you could use this poster to test the superhero knowledge of all of your nerdy friends.

If you are itching to have this fantastic piece of geek art hanging in your apartment, you can buy them directly from Gonzales. Hopefully he will continue producing some of the finest and funniest geek art the world has ever seen.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. April, 2011.