Safe + Secure: Bike Lock Makes Bike Unridable if Broken

Keeping a bike securely locked up is a problem faced by frustrated bike commuters everywhere. Many locks can be simply cut off with wire cutters, leaving cyclists with no ride home and making for a very bad day. But the Senza Bike Lock System from designer Jaryn Miller turns the bike’s handlebars into the lock, meaning that even if a thief broke the lock off the bike wouldn’t be of much use.

In Miller’s design, the handlebars detach and become a tough lock that secures the bike to a rack or other parking spot. Even if the determined thief were able to pry or cut this lock open to get the bike off of the rack, he would be at a loss for riding it since the bike would have no handlebars.

An additional back lock makes the bike even more secure by clamping the back tire and seat post, rendering the back tire immovable. This fantastic idea would be perfect for anyone who lives in a high-crime area or a densely-populated urban center where bikes are known to disappear frequently.

Besides providing improved security, this design would help bike riders keep their supplies to a minimum. Rather than having to remember to take a lock on every ride, the cyclist can just grab her bike and go.

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. April, 2011.