The Hand That Feeds: Freaky Robot Hand Serves Tasty Sushi

If there’s one thing Japan exports consistently, and better than the rest of the world, it’s got to be bizarre robots. This one comes to us from Squse, Inc.: it’s the Robot Hand H-Type. The creepy robot looks just like a torso with arms and no head, but it has a gentle touch and apparently aspires to work in a sushi factory.

The robot is made of a polycarbonate skeleton covered with silicon rubber skin. Its movement is freakishly realistic, a fact that’s made even more weird by the lifelike flesh-toned skin. The ‘bot picks up delicate pieces of sushi without smashing them to pieces, and its makers think the hand could be useful for harvesting crops, working in small-batch production and doing various jobs in factories.

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See more in Robotics or under Technology. August, 2010.