Tangible Holograms: Responsive Lasers Now Safe to Touch

interactive touchable hologram

Real-life holodecks are now one big step closer to reality, thanks to a Japanese laboratory that has successfully produced interactive lasers you can touch and feel in midair.

haptic hologram interface

The femtosecond laser from Digital Nature Group has been used before in aerial plasma 3D graphics demonstrations but has now been rendered safe for high-resolution and interactive uses.

The reduced duration of laser bursts helps make the system safe for human contact. Per the demonstration video, these holograms (made of little points of light called voxels) ionize the air around them and can be made to recreate 3D representations out of a series of overlapping 2D imagery.

haptic touch interactive hologram

The idea of haptic holograms is not new, dating back to Star Trek and other science-fictional applications, but now that safety issues have started to be solved those futuristic-sounding uses are now quite literally within reach.

haptic beam study model

The company behind this innovation is looking into creating interactive holographic interfaces, again something we have seen in future-set films but that could quite possibly soon be a reality.

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See more in Futuristic or under Technology. July, 2015.