Take a Seat: Transforming Crutch Lets You Rest Wherever

If you have ever had to use underarm crutches, you know what a pain they can be – literally. They dig into your armpits and fatigue your arms, leaving you wishing for a comfortable place to sit down and rest. The easiest way to make sure that there is always a place to rest would be, of course, to build a seat right into the crutch.

The Comodo Transformable Crutch from designer Denise Kim Wy is a concept that would make the experience of using crutches far less unpleasant. The overall design looks just like a regular crutch, but while regular crutches serve one purpose only this particular design adds a bit more functionality in the form of a transforming seat and an integrated light.

When walking around on crutches gets too tiring, the user can simply turn a small knob on the side and fold a crutch in half to reveal a sturdy cloth seat near the middle. The other crutch can be used for support to help the user keep his balance. And if that little rest turns into a long rest and it’s dark by the time he gets going again, the becrutched individual can flip a simple switch to turn on the built-in headlights, lighting the way ahead.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. May, 2011.
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