Swanky Low-Carbon High Speed Train to Beautify Australia

It is a well-established fact that traveling via mass transit like trains results in significantly less pollution per person than traveling by private car. This high-speed train designed to shuttle Australians all around their country would give travelers a way to travel green in high style.

The A-HSV (Australian High Speed Vehicle) train concept from Australian design firm HASSELL is a double-decker low-carbon transportation machine. The train was developed with the aesthetics of the stylish 1960s Australian HK Monaro coupe in mind. Its sleek exterior styling is only the beginning of this train’s gorgeous features.

Inside, the train’s modern, open seating area looks more like a swanky hotel lobby than a train’s passenger compartment. The plush seats look nothing like the usual ugly plastic seats with dizzyingly ugly upholstry one normally finds on trains.

Private meeting rooms, a lush dining car and even a convenience store on rails make this train ideal for long-haul journeys. HASSELL designed it to transport travelers between the capital and regional cities in order to cut down on congestion and air pollution in urban Australian areas.

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See more in Mass Transit or under Transportation. June, 2011.