Super 73 Lithium: Modern E-Bike Meets Vintage Motorcycle

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Drawing on 70s-era motorcycles and contemporary bicycle and moped design, this nifty electric bike features rugged tires but a slim frame.

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A thumb throttle lets you rev up to speed with your Super 73 while a disc brake system allows for quick stops. Cup holders and bottle openers are integrated for your cruise along the streets or beaches.

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The bike employs a “highly-capable lithium-ion battery” and is a “modern machine with 20 mile range and comfortable cruising [speed] of nearly 30 mph (48km/h). For longer adventures, five pedal assist modes can be activated to increase or decrease motor power.”

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The story: “The idea started in 2015 while our co-founder Jon Akers was finishing his Masters of Engineering at Lehigh University. We love bikes and our goal was to create a new kind of electric bike with cutting edge technology while looking at the past for design inspiration. Motorcycles, mopeds and mini bikes of the 1970’s drew our attention as durable, fun and timeless. Now located in Southern California, we’ve got a 4000 sq ft manufacturing space of our very own and are ready to crank out the Super 73′, our ebike inspired by the 70’s.”

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See more in Bikes & Cycles or under Transportation. June, 2016.