Suburban Camo: Hilarious Shrubbery-Covered Solar Car

Can you spot the car in the above picture? That innocent-looking shrub is actually the Terrestrial Shrub Rover, or TSR, by the clearly wacky Justin Shull. The TSR is a small foliage-covered vehicle that obviously isn’t highway safe, but could help you sneak around your neighborhood Wile E. Coyote style if you’re in the mood to stalk a roadrunner or freak out some small children.

According to Shull, the project is in keeping with the spirit of NASA and their planned 2020 missions to the moon. Just as those missions will prepare mankind to colonize the moon, the TSR lets drivers explore new and exciting territory. Maybe not physical territory (since you probably wouldn’t want to roam too far from home in the little shrub), but new social territory would be ripe for exploration.

The TSR is a solar-powered electric vehicle, so there’s no need to worry about pulling up to a gas station in a suspicious-looking shrub. Because a windshield would clearly ruin the illusion, the driver navigates with the use of cameras on the outside and video screens on the inside. There looks to be just about enough room for one person inside, so forget about taking leisurely road trips with the family in this thing. Still, it looks like the ideal vehicle for slipping by that nosy neighbor who always wants to know when you leave the house.

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See more in Art Vehicles or under Transportation. June, 2010.