Stick it to Bacteria: Personal Portable Keyboard Concept

keystick folding fan keyboard

Let’s face it: that keyboard your hands rub all over at work every day isn’t the most sanitary thing ever. But imagine how much worse keyboards in libraries, school computer labs or other public places are: they’re veritable germ sanctuaries. If designers Yoonsang Kim and Eunsang Park can get their Keystick idea to take off, we may soon be able to skip the alcohol wipes and just carry our own personal keyboards around with us.

folding none bacteria keyboard

Sure, many of us do that now, but the keyboards typically have laptops attached to them. This idea is completely different in that it’s a small, foldable keyboard that fits right into your backpack or purse and works with any public computer. When you’re not using it, it sort of slides closed and looks like a folded paper fan. For the germ-conscious or for those who just can’t stand the idea of always getting stuck with the keyboard with the broken space bar at the library, this concept – part of the designers’ None Bacteria project – is priceless.

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See more in Computers or under Gadgets. December, 2009.