Split Personalities: Superheroes + Their Alternate Identities

Since the birth of the superhero, one thing they have all had in common is a secret identity. Sometimes their alter egos are exposed and sometimes they are given up, but just about every major superhero has opted to hide behind a “regular Joe” persona at some point. Artist Danny Haas shows us just what the two halves of the superheroes look like when they are put side-by-side.

In his excellent series of superheroes and their alter egos, Haas illustrates the similarities and differences between the “regular” guys and their “super” sides. Think of these illustrations as a sort of X-ray vision for us non-super folks.

Millions of hours have been spent in geeky debates over the merits and drawbacks of secret identities, but these gorgeous pieces set those arguments aside for the sheer visual pleasure of seeing superheroes right next to their carefully-protected alter egos. We dig not only the idea behind the series, but the lovely minimalist faux-vintage feel of each mashup.

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See more in Digital Design or under Technology. November, 2011.