S(no)w Problem: Winter Sledding Without the Sled

snow shorts

Be honest: how many times have you told the kids in your life that you can’t go play in the new snow because you really don’t want to lug their sled up a 45 degree angle hill a thousand times? Thanks to the miracles of modern manufacturing, now you can take those kids out for all the sledding they can handle without worrying about the sled. These fabulous (if somewhat ugly) Snow Shorts have a built-in “sled” to let you slide down snowy hills over and over.

pull-on sledding snow shorts

Though they’re probably a lot less stable than an actual sled, we can see these being a benefit for parents and kids everywhere. Just look how happy and non-forced the smiles on those kids’ faces are! They slide right on over your clothes, and have the added benefit of cushioning – handy for protecting little tushies on the way down the hill and from bully butt-kickings (which, let’s face it, your kid will probably get a lot of it he wears these). And in maybe the best news we’ve heard all day, they come in an adult size, too.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. December, 2009.