Sleep Next to Your Loved One, Even When You’re Far Away

Being separated from the one you love can be a sad and lonely time, especially if you’ve grown used to sleeping next to each other and find it hard to sleep alone. This beautiful project from Interaction Design student Joanna Montgomery helps to connect lovers separated by any amount of distance who want to feel as though they’re still right where they should be: together.

The Pillow Talk design consists of two wirelessly connected pillows and two chest straps. When one part of the pair lies down on their pillow, the other pillow emits a soft glow to alert the other partner to their presence. Each partner attaches the chest strap to his or her body when turning in for the night so their heartbeat can be transmitted to their beloved.

Inside each pillow is a thin panel containing the control circuit, speakers and a small light. The speaker allows each partner to hear their lover’s heartbeat while cuddling up to the pillow at night, simulating the comfort and relaxation that we feel when spending our sleeping hours next to the person we love.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. May, 2010.