Simple Tailpipe Device Sucks up Your Car’s CO2 Emissions

carbon absorbing device

Car exhaust contributes millions of tons of CO2 to the environment every year, making it a significant contributor to the pollution problem. Unfortunately, many of us have no choice but to drive to our destinations and keep contributing to the CO2 problem. A group of innovators who call themselves EcoViate have come up with an interesting solution to car exhaust pollution.

carbon pollution

They call their invention the CO2ube. It’s a small carbon dioxide filtration system that fits right into your car’s tailpipe to stop the CO2 before it even has a chance to clog up the atmosphere. The inexpensive, disposable gadgets last for 8-10 weeks each, after which you need to replace them.


A mobile app lets you track your emissions so that you can see how much good you’ve done for the planet. And as if you needed further incentive to be excited about this technology, the inventors are currently trying to obtain approval for users of the CO2ube to use the H.O.V. lane with no minimum occupancy.

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See more in Cars & Trucks or under Transportation. July, 2013.