Bubble-Shaped Snowmobile: Saving Injured People in Style

rescue snowmobile

In 2012 alone, GOPR, a volunteer rescue organization in Poland, rescued more than 7,350 off of the Krakow mountains. With that type of workload, the rescue team needed a unique kind of vehicle that could handle the unique conditions in the mountains. Although they were already equipped with plenty of standard vehicles, GOPR needed one that could speed through the snow and let an injured person lie down flat.

rescue snowmobile cross section

Design firm Lange & Lange designed the GOPR Rescue Snowmobile to fill this need. The bright yellow vehicle looks a little like Pac-Man with a backpack. It can traverse difficult terrain and withstand all kinds of weather conditions to quickly reach the injured person. Two skis on the front help it travel across the snow while a caterpillar track on the undercarriage propels it quickly over all kinds of terrain.

bubble-like rescue snomobile

The bubble-like front of the rescue-mobile was no accident. It provides a maximum view of the surroundings so that rescuers can spot the injured person quickly. The boxy part in back allows the patient to lie down flat, which is often very important when transporting an injury victim. The vehicle is affordable enough that GOPR’s rescuers will be able to make swift, life-saving rescues in their bright yellow snow machines.

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See more in Mods & Custom or under Transportation. July, 2013.
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