Simple Game Brings the Fun of Waiting in Line to Computers

waiting in line 3d

Waiting in line sucks – there’s probably no one in the world who genuinely enjoys it. It makes perfect sense, then, that someone should make a video game of one of the world’s most dreadfully boring activities. Rajeev Basu developed the game, which is a definite departure from other video games that strive to be as realistic and action-packed as possible.

standing in line game

Waiting in Line 3D is a simple, pixelated game that pits you against yourself to see how long you can survive in a very long line. You can punch yourself in the face to stay awake, but you have to be careful about too much punching because it will eventually cause death. Letting yourself fall asleep likewise causes death. The game is purposely frustrating, with no scoring and no way to win. It’s a rather hilarious existential commentary that reminds us how much time we waste doing pointless things.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. December, 2013.
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