DIY Subdermal Implant Makes Cyborg Out of Regular Person

circadia subdermal implant

Let us begin by saying that there is no way you should ever try anything like this at home. Biohacker Tim Cannon created a device that he calls Circadian;  it is a biometric measuring tool that can send Cannon’s data to an Android mobile device. It is the first non-medical bio-implant to ever be installed in a human body.

The video from Motherboard shows just how large the implant is. Cannon had it inserted by a fellow DIY biohacker rather than a surgeon; right after the procedure, understandably, the implant looks red and irritated. No anesthesia was used during the implantation process, making Tim Cannon seem like a super-tough dude who is dedicated to his cause.

circadian cyborg implant

Besides measuring biometric data like Cannon’s body temperature, the Circadian lights up in line with Cannon’s existing forearm tattoo. An Android app keeps track of changes over the days so that Cannon can track his overall health.

diy biometric implant

The implant is rather large and has pointy corners; we predict that eventually Cannon will develop a thinner and more streamlined device that won’t stick up and poke at the skin quite so much. The project is opening doors for future biometric implants – hopefully those that have a more streamlined and less bulky outline.

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See more in Cybernetics or under Technology. December, 2013.