See, Hear & Feel the Music: Amazing Interactive Music Table

When you really love music, browsing through your collection is a serious activity. And having more control over how and when you experience each song is unbelievably satisfying. That’s why the A-MUSI-T (pronounced Amusity) table by designers Idan Arbel, Dana Yichye-Shwachman and Yossi Lugassi will no doubt be a favorite among music lovers when or if it’s actually produced. The table lets you use a graphic interface to choose your music by simply setting a small object on top of the graphic representing whatever song you want to hear. Place another object on the song to see the music video, and use a different object to zoom in on the whole graphic interface. The “I” object gives you further information about the song, like lyrics, album art or band information.

Each song selection you make will bring up other songs that the system thinks you might like. Choosing a related song likewise brings up a new constellation of songs, with the more popular tracks being clustered in the middle and the less popular ones resting a little more toward the edges of the table. The amazing little removable “objects” can be used together or separately: for example, the video object can display a music video for one song while the speaker plays the audio for a different song, or you can place them on the same song to get the full effect. Simply twisting the speaker object adjusts the volume. We can definitely see products like the Amusity table becoming reality in the near future; if not for home use (at least at first) then definitely for places like cafés or clubs, where private booths or headphones would provide private, customizable music shows.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. March, 2010.