Rolling in the Sun: Topless Car Allows Max Sun Worship

With the promise of Spring always come thoughts of warm, relaxed days at the beach and leisurely road trips to soak up the sun. The designers at Gambo design don’t want you to drive around in your boring regular car this Summer – or even in a normal convertible, for that matter. Their Beach Boy concept car is a true sun worshiper’s vehicle.

The Beach Boy consists of a rolling deck with detachable chairs. The design doesn’t include a roof, allowing for maximum enjoyment of each and every beautiful summer day. Obviously it is a car for warm climates only, and it would likely be very uncomfortable to take on the freeway – but for leisurely weekend drives in nature, the Beach Boy would be the perfect way to enjoy the day with nothing between you and the outdoors.

Once you get to the beach (or wherever it is your travels take you) the seats come off of the deck, leaving you with a platform to sun yourself on, host a small get-together or just get a better vantage point to scope out the beauties on the beach.

The decidedly unique design would run on solar power, of course, being a beach bum’s dream car. Hub motors in the wheels would keep the body streamlined and make the entire vehicle whisper-quiet. As cool and innovative as the design is, it is quite short on safety features, being devoid of a body to absorb an impact. As a street vehicle we would venture to guess that this design will never be produced, but as a fun, low-speed beach vehicle it could actually be an outstanding innovation.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. February, 2011.