Rocking Controller Takes Gaming Movement to the Feet


The quest to create the perfect virtual reality movement control has led to some pretty interesting ideas. The 3DRudder is another cool gadget that could help you get around in video games, but unlike most others we’ve seen, this one lets you sit down while you navigate the virtual world.

foot operated video game movement controller

3DRudder looks a lot like the exercise balance boards that you stand on to improve core strength. But to use it, you sit in a chair and put one foot on either side of center. The motions are fairly intuitive: you tilt forward to move forward, back to move back, and left or right to move in either direction.

The balance board-type controller also lets you rotate your feet to look all around you in ┬áthe game environment. It more or less takes over the movement function of your keyboard or game controller to free up your hands for different aspects of the game. And when you’re trying to run through a sniper-infested minefield while simultaneously picking off baddies, this can make a huge difference in the way you game.

hands free game movement 3drudder

A controller that uses your feet and frees your hands up for other actions would probably be most obviously beneficial in a first-person shooter game. But Oculus Rift and other VR headsets are poised to make it almost a necessity to traverse virtual worlds easily, so products like 3DRudder could give the experience a little more realism than you would get from using a hand-held controller for all of your actions.

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