Retro Rotary: New Technology Imitating Extinct Technology

With a healthy dose of nostalgia and an old-school styling that would make any child of the 80s or earlier grin with recognition, the iRetroPhone application for the iPhone lets you dial like your grandma. It’s a simple app that puts a rotary-style dialing apparatus on your iPhone screen so you can experience 20th century communication at its best.

Remember when dialing a phone meant moving that rotary dialer around and waiting until the circle swung back to the starting position? The distinctive sound and need for patience are recreated in this app. It’s a cheesy recreation of a decidedly clumsy technology, but for some reason we tend to love retro apps that remind us of simpler times when technology was analog and kind of ugly.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. August, 2010.
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