For-Real Facebook: Like and Dislike Stickers for Meatspace

On Facebook it’s easy enough to express your admiration for someone’s comments or photos, but how about in real life? Sure, you could actually say something, but it’s much more fun to extend that iconic Facebook “like” button into real life. These stickers let you do just that.

Unlike Facebook, these stickers even let you “dislike” those things you wish you’d never seen. Come across an obnoxious person at a party? Dislike. Your boss’s car? Dislike. That big pile of trash on the corner? Dislike.

These clever real-life Facebook button stickers were created by Flickr user Nooooel. They’re a fun blend of the virtual world that many of us occupy way too much and the physical world we actually live in.

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See more in Gaming & Geek or under Gadgets. August, 2010.