Rekindle: Perpetual Candle Reuses Wax, Burns at Both Ends

self recycling candle design

A self-recycling stroke of design genius, this creative candlestick channels used wax into its base, the collected runoff automatically reconstituted into a fresh candle.

cool candle burns both ends

Designed by Benjamin Shine, Rekindle allows you to reuse the same wax up to eight times simply by suspending a fresh wick below and allowing the new candle to create itself while the old one above burns down.

creative reusable candle base

Set on a base of stainless steel or anodized aluminum, a clear container lets you watch the magic happen. And while the effect is visually nifty, it is also highly functional, saving vital materials in emergency situations.

recycled wax candle tube

When the process finishes, one simply removes the surrounding container, turns it over, and starts it up again.

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See more in Home & Personal or under Gadgets. October, 2015.