Recycled Cycles: How to Turn Two Lighters into a Motorbike

If you use disposable lighters, what do you do with them when they’re empty? Throwing them away seems wasteful and not at all in the DIY spirit of tinkerers who don’t like to see anything go to waste. These rather confusing instructions (written in Chinese with only the most basic of pictures to illustrate the steps) help you take two regular empty lighters and turn them into an awesome little motorcycle.

There is nothing not to love about these motorbikes, from their wheels made out of the lighters’ striking wheels to the tiny handlebars and tailpipes.

Luckily, one enterprising DIYer decided to brave the nearly-incomprehensible instructions to build a Lightercycle and make a video for the benefit of all other enthusiastic builders who can’t wait to try the project. Armed with a couple of plastic lighters and a few basic tools, you too can liberate the Lightercycle inside your spare fire-makers.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. January, 2011.