Morning Stretch: Tiny City Car Extends From 2 to 4 Riders

Tiny city cars may be all the rage these days, but what happens when you need to cart around more than one passenger? Italian designer Luca Le Piane came up with this incredible concept car for French auto makers Peugeot: it’s a tiny, agile two-seat urban car that extends into a four-seat compact vehicle.

It’s called the PLUX, which stands for Pleasurable, Lively, Useful, Extensible. When in its more compact form, the car’s rear seats fold into the front seats, making a teeny-tiny vehicle that is perfect for running errands or driving to and from work on crowded city streets.

The rear part of the car extends to add an additional three feet of room, going from 2.5 meters to 3.5 meters in total length. Hydraulic tubes drive the telescoping parts that add extra space to the car, giving drivers the ability to haul extra cargo or people without the need to borrow Mom’s people carrier.

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See more in Concept Vehicles or under Transportation. January, 2011.
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