Radio Activity: Device Selects Music By Desired Tempo

tempo gadget clock

Sometimes you want to listen to something based on style or era, but for those who want their music to keep pace with their mood or activity, this tempo-gauging gadget lets you select for speed.

Designed by Gemma Roper, Radio Activity picks out tracks from Spotify based on beats-per-minute metrics, adjusting as you move the circular dial up and down a metronome-style pole.

tempo in pieces

tempo tuner parts

“I wrote several iterations of code using a combination of programs that would allow me to access Spotify libraries, read song BPM and then translate vertical movement into data that would select correlating paced songs,” she said.

tempo guage

While the feat could be accomplished without using a physical device, having the object on hand makes things more intuitive and adds an element of interactivity for guests and visitors as well.

tempo device design

“The internal component composition is incredibly complicated, as the electrical current needed to be carried throughout the length of the rail on small brass tracks that are connected to tiny switches inside the dial all the way to an Arduino Micro in the marble base,” Roper explained.

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See more in Audio & TV or under Gadgets. November, 2016.