R2-Cool-You: Super-Slick DIY Droid Bike Crash Helmet

Did you really think it couldn’t get any nerdier than riding your electric scooter to work carrying your Chewbacca lunch box? Well, this cute crafter raised the geek bar by inventing one of the most adorable, silly-looking and totally desirable bike helmets ever: it’s a sweet R2D2 that protects your even sweeter skull cargo.

This pastry artist/wickedly creative lady put together the droid helmet with a surprisingly sparse list of supplies. Masking tape, paint and PVC pipe are about all that went into the project, though she doesn’t share exactly how she constructed the light assembly. Even that secret can’t stop our new geek-crush on the fantastically talented Jenn.

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See more in Do It Yourself or under Technology. August, 2011.