Predictables: Personalized Wearable Projection Interfaces

predictables hand projection set

Freeing up your hands, pockets and desktops from excessive hardware, this design combines elements of smartphones, computers and smart watches but also proposes a novel predictive piece, forecasting the future on demand right into the palm of your hand.

A wrist-worn and tabletop pair of projectors display data on your hands and walls, respectively, using hand gestures for interaction with dots of different sizes and colors (denoting importance and category).

predictablres in home

The idea is not to replace your computer or phone keyboards but to provide a faster and easier way to sift through important updates and see what is happening in your world, socially and otherwise. Detailed responses would still take place through the use of other familiar device types.

predictables desktop design

The result is something both aesthetically impressive but also functional and intuitive – a system you could learn to interface with quickly and easily, and one that reduces the need to pull out your phone or flip open your laptop. Think of it like the next level up from a smartwatch (with limited display space) or Google Now (which is intelligent but still takes more time to interact with and scroll through).

predictables projector pair

Designed by Dor Tal, the system “largely consists of two parts. The first part constitutes an app that scours for the digital data an individual and his social circle produces. This app then connects the dots to make sensible patterns and intelligently proposes future outcomes. The second part consists of systems that interfaces with the individual. The interaction with the individual is made possible using intuitive interfaces projected on a variety of surfaces using a smart watch or a desktop pico projector.”

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. February, 2015.