Mini Turbine: Portable Wind Generator for Home or Travel

power wind turbine portable

Designed to be mobile, practical and easy to use, this miniature wind turbine can generate 2,500 watts of power but also plugs right into your devices with a built-in inverter. Eligible for tax credits, this little gadget could be the key to powering your RV or even your off-the-grid home.

mobile wind turbine setup

In just a week, the crowdfunded project raised twice its $50,000 goal. Early backers of the project are going to get their Trinity turbines for just a few hundred dollars, though they will be closer to $1,000 once on the open market.

mobile yard turbine large

Warrantied batteries that come with the unit are able to store enough energy to charge your smartphone 16 times, and are, like the rest of the system, designed to be compatible with standard grids and plugs.

trinity turbine design specs

Boasted features include: “Easy two step setup or mount Trinity on your home. Trinity uses the same type of battery as today‚Äôs electric cars. Highly efficient generating up to 2.500 watts and generating in as low as 2 m/s (4 mph) wind. Affordable with pledge starting at $369 for the first 50 units of Trinity 50. Light and portable weighing only from 650 gr (1.4 lbs.). The most powerful versions can generate and store electricity to power your home. Earlier version has already gone through Kickstarter funding with great results.”

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See more in Energy & Power or under Science. September, 2015.