Point of View: Teleport Your Vision to a Whole New Level

1 eyeteleporter

The way the human brain processes visual data is really quite amazing. Our brains have at least three separate yet connected systems through which this visual information passes in a tiny fraction of a second before we understand what we’re seeing. But it’s not until our brain gets an unexpected visual message that things start to get interesting.

2 cardboard periscope

3 wearable cardboard periscope

Designer Juste Kostikovaite has created an interesting object called EyeTeleporter that literally changes your perception of the world. It’s made of folded cardboard and two acrylic mirrors, and its purpose is to give your eyes and your brain unexpected information.

4 eyeteleporter periscope

5 folding cardboard periscope

The EyeTeleporter is sort of like a low-cost periscope. A cardboard enclosure sits on your head and a rectangular extension then points either up or down; if it’s pointed up, you can even orient it to look behind you. The first mirror reflects the world around you and passes the image to the second mirror, which is what you see when you’re wearing the device.

6 folding wearable periscope kit

7 wearable periscope different visual perspectives

Just like the name says, the device “teleports” your eyes to a different position, giving you a completely new – and quite disorienting – point of view. You can see from way high above your head or down low from belly level. If you put it on the highest setting and turn it backwards, everything appears backward and upside down. Just try walking around like that for more than a few seconds.

8 fun wearable periscope eyeteleporter

9 changed perspective wearable periscope

The project is seeking funding on Kickstarter to refine their designs (they’re also working on a ride-on scooter version). For £55 (about $86 US) you can get your very own EyeTeleporter mask from a limited run of just 50. For £155, thought, you can get an EyeTeleporter covered in faux fur, which is definitely the option we would suggest.

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