Phone Pocket: Simple Case Shields Phone, Totes Your Stuff

Sometimes, the simplest designs are the best. How many times have you been out partying (or maybe just enjoying a kid-free date night) and lamented all of the things you have to carry along with you? The super-simple CandyShell Card lets you take your iPhone 4 along with your ID and two credit cards…no purse or wallet required.

The one-piece case cradles and protects your iPhone and gives you a handy little pocket on the back for carrying up to three standard-size cards. When you want to release the cards, a little thumb release lets you get them out quickly.

Of course, not everyone will see this as a good thing. If your credit cards and ID are stored with your phone you will be doubly screwed when you accidentally leave your phone sitting on the bar. But maybe knowing that you have more at stake than just a phone (albeit an expensive one) might make you a little more careful about where you set your stuff down.

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See more in Phones & Mobile or under Gadgets. March, 2011.